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Learn the language that drives the buying decisions each person makes daily.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Marketing and management pros speak a different language. They talk brand. Newspapers, social media, TV, Internet, radio...millions of people are bombarded by strategic messaging to influence their purchasing choices. What we buy, why we buy and when we buy, are all highly determined by the type of marketing we are exposed to. Nearly every decision made by the average person involves marketing—from the brand of shoes that are “in” to what social mission to support, to what to study in college or for a career. Our marketing and management program teaches students how to market and/or manage to influence a team or consumer. 

In our marketing and management program, you may: 

  • Earn a certificate or an Associate in Applied Science degree
  • Learn from experiences instructors who will tap into your potential
  • Benefit from our close cooperation with the local business community

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